Weekly update – 16/09/2022

With 4 Seasons Summer and Belgian Eternal Weekend in the books, the European Legacy scene is recovering after a busy weekend. And while players were out battling in the trenches of the multiverse, the ELM Committee has been working tirelessly to prepare for the inaugural European Legacy Masters. Here’s an update on what’s new this week in European Legacy.

Battle for Bologna

The big event this past weekend was of course 4 Seasons Summer in Bologna, Italy. A whopping 314 players took part in the tournament, with a star-studded top 8 emerging after 8 rounds of swiss – featuring no less than three Legacy GP Winners.

As is common at 4 Seasons, the top 8 split in favor of a timely dinner, but Germany’s Marc Eric Voigt (GP Bologna 2019 Winner) and Slovakia’s Dalibor Szegho (incidentally, the nation’s ELM committe member!) were kind enough to grace us with a final match for the trophy. In the end, Marc’s Hamsters could not contain Dalibor’s dark magic, and so his Oracles spelled doom over Marc’s tournament life. Congratulations to Dalibor Szegho, our 4 Seasons Summer champion!

Back in BLC

Meanwhile, the Legacy community in Belgium gathered in Ghent, for the Belgian Legacy Cup. After a pandemic-induced 2 year slumber, Belgium’s grassroots Legacy Nationals made its return, with 43 players joining the fray. This was also the first event offering invitations for the ELM, which even motivated some players from neighbouring countries to try and conquer a slot.

After 6 rounds of swiss, a diverse top 8 was left standing, including content creator and fan favourite Sam Dams and MKM Ghent 2019 Winner Phillip Schröeder.

After the dust settled, it all came down to a battle of the Sams, with Sam Claeys’s Delvers and Dragons outmanouvering Sam Dams’s infectious army of Phyrexian agents. Both players earned an invite to the European Legacy Masters, but Sam Claeys is the one and only 2022 Belgian Legacy Cup Champion!

Numerous Nations

As we unveiled the European Legacy Masters to the world, we were very excited to see what you all thought of it. It is truly fantastic to see all the positive reactions to our project, with many communities reaching out in order to learn how, they too, could take part.

When we first discussed the idea of the ELM, we had representatives from only a handful of countries involved – all players that happened to be in the right place at the right time, during the afterhours of a tournament. Now, after just two weeks, there are 20 nations represented in the ELM Committee, all of whom are actively networking with TOs and players alike, to figure out a path to the Masters for their regional Legacy heroes. In particular, we would like to thank Manuel Hlavinka (Norway), Joonas Kylä-Harakka (Finland), the Akademia Legacy (Poland), Oliver Burger (Switzerland), and Alexander Mitev (Bulgaria) for joining the team and representing their communities.

Sponsors and prizes

Earlier this week, we shared some exciting news! Italian store owner, tournament organizer and all-around friend of the Legacy family, Boose MTG, has generously offered to sponsor the European Legacy Masters with €500 worth of store credit for our top 8.

Finding sponsors for projects like this is crucial, so we cannot stress enough how grateful we are for Gianluca to reach out and support our endeavour. We are excited to reveal more sponsors and prizes in the near future.

If you too are interested in sponsoring the European Legacy Masters, or contributing to the project in any way, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Upcoming Events

September doesn’t feature any more qualifiers for the ELM, but that is soon to change. Here’s the qualifier events that are coming up in early October:

United Kingdom

Sat. 01/10/2022

Sat. 08/10/2022


Tue. 04/10/2022


October 2022

Sun. 09/10/2022

For a complete list of qualification opportunities per country, click here.

Thank you for reading, and for sticking with us as we turn this crazy idea of ours into an epic Legacy celebration. Please tune in for next week, when we’ll take a look at some of the players who have already secured their seat for the 2022 European Legacy Masters.

Until then, enjoy playing the greatest format of them all, and keep being awesome!

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