At the European Legacy Masters, the competitors will be fighting for a title, a trophy, and more than €1000 worth of prizes! All these prizes are courtesy of our amazing sponsors. Thank you all for sharing our vision and investing in the future of competive Legacy in Europe!

Let’s meet the Absolute Legends who make it all possible:

Hailing from Pisa, Gianluca Boose is the owner of the Dungeon Street Shop and organizer of Paupergeddon. He can often be found running his dealer booth at various tournaments, including 4 Seasons Bologna.

For the European Legacy Masters, Boose is contributing €500 worth of store credit to the prize pool. as well as special playmats for the Top 8 players.

Three for One Trading is one of the premier online retailers for TCGs in Europe. Operated by a team of former competitive Magic players, they also organize Legacy events at their location in Vienna, Austria.

Three for One is adding €400 store credit to the prize pool at the European Legacy Masters, and an assortment of goodies, including playmats for the Top 16 .

The In Response Podcast is the brainchild of Philipp Klein, Daniel Pernusch and Peter Plank, and brings you tri-weekly updates on the Legacy format, and all happenings in the Austrian Legacy League.

The podcast is contributing custom ELM playtest duals. These playtest cards were created specifically for ELM with feature photos taken all across Europe, by members from within the European Legacy Community.

Bazaar of Boxes is a tournament series in the Netherlands. Launched in 2021 as a side project to Marvin Roelofs’ custom deckbox business, BoB is now the biggest Legacy tournament series in the country.

BoB recently launched their new webshop with awesome MTG apparell, and to promote it, they are adding €50, and some of their new exclusive swag, to the ELM prize pool.

Cardmarket is Europe’s largest online marketplace for trading card games and accessories. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, their platform offers you all the tools to manage your collection.

Each competitor at ELM will receive an assortment of goodies courtesy of Cardmarket. Additionally, they are adding premium binders, sleeves and deckboxes to round out our top 8 prize pool.

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