The ELM, powered by Boose MTG!

We are very excited to reveal our first sponsor for the 2022 European Legacy Masters: Boose MTG!

You may recognize Gianluca Boose as the founder of Paupergeddon, or from their vendor booth at 4Seasons Bologna. He’s been playing Magic since 1994, and got into selling the cards himself in 2007. Now he’s the owner of the Dungeon Steet Shop in Pisa, and a common sight at many Italian events.

For the European Legacy Masters, Boose MTG will be sponsoring the top8 with copious amounts of store credit. The exact prizes of the ELM will be revealed soon.

Come find Boose MTG during 4Seasons Bologna, and reach out to @gianluca_boose on Twitter for sweet deals and offers on your collection.

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