About Us

The European Legacy Project was founded during 4 Seasons Bologna in Spring 2022. Each of us are Legacy enthusiasts, who were disappointed with the lack of opportunities for players to prove themselves on an international level, in our favourite format. We all believe that for Legacy to have a real future, it is up to the various communities to build that future ourselves, rather than waiting for WotC or Tournament Organizers to do it for us.

With the European Legacy Masters, we aim to reinvigorate local Legacy leagues and marquee events, by offering players a new endgame after slaying their local competition, and giving them the chance to battle for a title with real meaning. Prizes come and go, but glory is Eternal.

Each member of the European Legacy Project is here because they are passionate about the format and commited to lift their local Legacy scene to a higher level. None of us are making any money off it.

If you have any questions regarding the European Legacy Masters, please reach out to @EULegacyMasters on Twitter, or to your region’s representative. If your region does not have a representative listed, contact the representative of a country near you.

The Netherlands
Marvin Roelofs
Co-chair: Niccolo Covoni
Co-chair: Tom De Decker
Main Event: Samuele Dagani
Public Relations: Sahar Mirhadi

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