Weekly update – 07/10/2022

September has come and gone, and Spooky Season is upon us! In today’s update, we’re looking at the results from the UK’s first ELM qualifier at Mox in the Hole Edinburgh, and showcase a few more players that have been granted direct invites to the European Legacy Masters. Fittingly, given the season, there are some really scary Legacy monsters among them. Excited yet? Let’s dive right in.

A Scottish skirmish

The United Kingdom’s first qualifer for ELM took place in Edinburgh this past Saturday, with 20 players coming out to fight for the slot. After some intense top4 playoffs, it was George Winfield who took down the tournament with Painter.

1st George WinfieldPainter
2ndGennaro Di PietroANT
3rdPeter WhiteMono-W Dungeon Stompy
4thAlex RileyInfect

However, because neither of the finalists could make it to Bologna this time around, the ELM invite for this event has been passed down to Peter White, who stayed true to his name and piloted his mono-White Dungeon Stompy deck to the semifinals. While far from the highest-profile player, Peter has been around the European Legacy scene for over a decade, with multiple high profile finishes during the reign of Deathrite Shaman. We are happy to welcome Peter back to the international stage, and wish him the best of luck at the 2022 European Legacy Masters!

So who else will be joining Peter from the United Kingdom? There are three more qualifier events this month where the players will battle it out for those coveted invites, including the London Legacy Monthly this very weekend.

United Kingdom

Sat. 08/10/2022

Sat. 22/10/2022

Sun. 23/10/2022

However, two of the UK’s community favourites won’t have to worry about qualifying the hard way for this year’s edition of the European Legacy Masters. It’s time to meet some of our special guests.

Special guests

When we announced the European Legacy Masters, we explained that four players of each country would be able to qualify, either by winning their local event or league, or in case no tournaments were available, through a direct invitation by the region representative. Direct invitations are a necessary evil in order to accomodate communities with disparate playerbases and/or no large events, and are unique to this inaugural edition of ELM.

In order to make ELM as exciting as possible for everyone, we have also invited a small number of special guests. These special guests were selected by the ELM committee, with the goal of making the final event even more thrilling to watch, and because we believe that any premier Legacy event is better with these players around. So who are our esteemed guests?

First of, hailing from London, we have Callum Smith. Callum is probably best known as the co-host of the Everyday Eternal podcast, and he will be joining his fellow podcast hosts Julian Knab and Kai Sawatari, who were voted in by the German community earlier this month. He’s also the driving force behind the aforementioned London Legacy Monthly events, which have been the go-to place for Legacy enthousiasts in the capitol to get their fix. Online, the CloudgoatRanger, formerly known as Whitefaces, is known to crush challenges with off-meta decks, like Esper Mentor, Phoenix and most recently, Mono Red Painter. We are already looking forward to what he will brew up for the European Legacy Masters.

Next up is the King of the North, Gary Campbell. The larger Legacy community knows Gary mostly from his epic victory at GP Birmingham 2018, but north of Handrian’s Wall, he’s been a pillar of the competitive Magic scene ever since the very beginnings of the game, with Pro Tour appearances across three decades. He is also the founder of Highlander Games in Dundee, where he keeps a collection of 18 different Legacy decks for players to use. Community is everything for Gary, who used to travel extensively for the European GP circuit, as well as many permier Legacy events. Whether we see Gary at the top tables during ELM, or at the dinner table afterwards, his presence alone will make ELM even more enjoyable for everyone.

Our final special guest for today is none other than Andrea Mengucci. One of the best players in the recent history of the game, this man needs no introduction. Worlds, Pro Tours, Mythic Championships… whatever is cooking at the highest echelons of competitive Magic, Andrea will always be hungry for success. Fueling his mindboggling list of achievements is an unrelenting love for Magic in all its variants, but Eternal formats have a special place in Andrea’s heart. His Legacy Veedeos on Youtube are insanely popular, closely followed by his #mengucuisine on Twitter. We are proud and honored to have Andrea competing at the Eurpean Legacy Masters, and wish him the best of luck.

Plans for Spain

Spanish ELM Committee member Lorenzo Tassone recently announced that, together with the crew from Impact Returns, he will soon reveal the details regarding the Spanish Qualifier for the European Legacy Masters.

To find out more, tune in to the Twitch Stream, next Monday at 10 PM CET.

Upcoming events

While others prepare for a smorgasbord of parties and scary movie nights during the month of October, the calendar of the European Legacy community reveals an opulent feast of European Legacy Masters Qualifier events.


Sun. 09/10/2022

Duel for Horizons (2 slots)


Tue. 11/10/2022

Tue. 25/10/2022


Sat. 15/10/2022


Sun. 16/10/2022

United Kingdom

Sat. 08/10/2022

Sat. 22/10/2022

Sun. 23/10/2022

That wraps things up for this week, and we hope you enjoyed the read.

As always, keep playing the greatest format of them all, and keep being awesome!

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