ELM 2022 Results

Congratulations to Samuel Zahorcak, your 2022 European Legacy Masters Champion!

After three exciting months of qualifiers, 75 Legacy experts from 18 different countries gathered in Bologna to battle for Eternal glory. And when the dust settled, it was Slovakia’s Samuel Zahorcak who stood victorious. Piloting Legacy’s newest archetype, Mono White Inititative, he ventured into the secret entrance of the Undercity, forged his minions into fierce warriors, and trapped his opponents until they had no choice but too succomb to his party of Dungeoneers.

Thank you to all ELM Competitors, for coming to Bologna and putting up an incredible show, and to all the viewers who joined us during the stream and shared our excitement on Twitter. Top 8 decklists have been posted on MTG Top8.

None of this would have been possible without all of you, our amazing sponsors, and the hard work and dedication of the entire ELM Committee. We hope you had a great time playing and watching the inaugural European Legacy Masters.

See you next year, and until then, keep playing the most awesome format of them all!

Top 8 Bracket

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