Weekly update – 16/11/2022

It’s time to take a trip through a string of qualifying events to the ELM that happened over these last couple of weeks. We’re going to cover qualifications from Poland, Sweden, France, Finland and Italy so we’re really spanning the continent this time around. Let’s begin with Sweden.

Swedish Legacy Nationals

The 5th of November set the scene for the Swedish Legacy Nationals where all four Swedish qualifier slots for the ELM were up for grabs. In the end, these four players won their places in Bologna displaying a nice variety of Legacy decks of both classic and more modern styles. Having a Nationals event is great for bringing all of the Legacy grinders, has-beens and up-and-coming talents to the table.

1st slotGustav BystedtMaverick
2nd slotHampus BergquistThe Epic Gamble
3rd slotAnthony LenaghUR Delver
4th slotPeter FloderusElves

Finnish Legacy Nationals as well!

Let’s stay in the cold north as the sauna-loving Finns also held their Legacy Nationals during this past time. On the 12th of November, a whopping 120 players came out to fight for the title and four qualifier slots. You can see the top 8 decklists right here.

The four slots have been awarded, using pass-downs in the top 8 to those who were able to travel to the ELM in Bologna. Henrik Forsström, Juha-Matti Vanhatupa and Mikael Heikinheimo and Sebastian Markus are ready to bring Finnish Legacy to Italy this December. The decks that respectively qualified were UR Delver, 8 Cast and 4c Yorion Control.

A grinders travel is worthwhile…

Let’s head south all the way to Toulouse in France, where Relic Fest gathered several hundreds of players to play Duel Commander, Modern and Legacy on the weekend of the 6th of November. Two ELM slots were up for grabs in the Legacy event and 71 players fought over them. One of the people travelling several hours with the goal of winning a Q for the ELM was Sébastian Fayand, who had seen two of his buddies, Lucas Mietton and Marco Vera Goncalves, win their ELM slots the weekend prior. Fayand went undefeated and took home his place alongside Andy Sieurac. The two players piloted Death and Taxes and 8 Cast, and you can see the decklists of the best 8 players right here and the archetypes below. Attentive readers will maybe notice that Vladimir Arneuve, who has been awarded a direct invite for France based on his previous accomplishments, is still in peak condition coming in fourth here.

1stSébastian FayandDnT
2ndAndy Sieurac8 Cast
3rdJean Matthieu KhouryDnT
4thVladimir ArneuveBG Depths
5thCyril PitalotYorion Control
6thAlexandre EscrieutNaya Depths
7thArthur LoussertDungeon Stompy
8thRémi VignaneElves

Italians invited to battle it out online!

The last of the four Italian slots to the ELM was to be decided in a small field of 16 accomplished Italian Legacy players, that had been invited to duke it out in a special tournament on Magic Online. The tournament included known players like Manuel Drudi – Easymoneymarksman on Magic Online, and Marco Vassalo – TrueHero on Magic Online. In the end, the four players found themselves in the top 4 playoffs:

1stDaniele TerraCephalid Breakfast
2ndAndrea BocciaBlack Stompy
3-4thFranco ZicchiniAluren
3-4thPaolo BuschiJeskai Control

Daniele Terra took it home with his spicy Cephalid Breakfast deck, which you can see in detail here. His build includes Urza’s Saga, which doubles up in utility, since it tutors for the combo piece Shuko, as well as providing a second angle of attack through construct beats. Plan A is all about assembling Cephalid Illusionist plus Shuko or Nomads-en-Kor. Step Through finds the wizard Cephalid and both Stoneforge Mystic and Urza’s Saga find Shuko. While previous lists only played 1 Shuko, this list is prepared to grind through a Prismatic Ending or the like and comes prepared with 2 Shuko. Besides constructs attacking, Stoneforge Mystic can also tutor up Kaldra Compleat and Teferi, Time Raveler can offer a layer of protection or at least a Force of Will check.

Four Poles ready for Bologna

In Poland the four slots were given out in various ways. You can see the distribution here:

Maciej FidzińskiPolish Legacy Champion
Cyprian GawronPolish Trophy Leader Magic Online – October
Paweł SzostekLegacy Trial 5 – Poland
Adam GerwatowskiDirect invite

This gave the chance for Magic Online trophy grinders to prevail and win their seat at the tables in Bologna through online play as well as playing in a trial.

Upcoming Events

We’re almost done with the qualification season for the 2022 European Legacy Masters. This means that most of our players have been found and the preparation has assuredly begun in many corners of Europe so as to be ready to compete at the highest level of Legacy come December.


Sat. 19/11/2022

ELMQ Barcelona (1 slot)


Sat. 19/11/2022

Thank you for sticking with us as the season unfolds and the last names on the ELM roster are being determined. Join us for the next instalment of the weekly update for more stories and results from the European Legacy community, and until then, keep playing the greatest format of them all, and keep being awesome!

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